Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Neo-Independent: Is this the Rainbow We've Been Waiting For?

Spring/Summer Issue of The-Neo Independent is now out.

The only magazine written by and for independent voters.

E D I T O R ’ S N O T E
The culture of the independent movement has not
permeated the American mainstream in the way, for
example, that SpongeBob or Brangelina have. Not
to worry. Avant-garde theatre, music and fashion first
appear in out-of-the-way performance spaces or on
the streets, often taking decades to filter through to
Broadway or Dancing with the Stars. Likewise, the independent movement is creating its own outside-thebox
culture in a variety of venues as we develop into a
mainstream force.

There is probably no more edgy American political/
cultural performance than wearing a tee shirt. We
had some great ones this political season. In South
Dakota, which held one of the final primaries in the
Democratic line-up, independents were barred from
voting but wanted to make a point. Kim Wright of
South Dakota Voice of Independents and family
members put their plight out there in plain English.

And at the start of the primary season, before a single
vote had been cast, independent Lenora Fulani
raised questions about the black political establishment’s
wholesale backing of Hillary Clinton without
a public debate on the Obama option, asking “Who
Decided Hillary is Best for the Black Community?” She
put her question on a bright yellow tee that became a
bestselling item from Harlem to Bedford-Stuyvesant.
Today it’s a collector’s item.

And then there were the awards ceremonies. No red
carpets and flashbulbs, but Robert Sullentrup of
Missouri and Larry Reinsch of Iowa, both co-founders
of Rock the Debates, received Anti-Corruption
at an event sponsored by the Independence
Party of New York City that was packed with independents.
And in the publishing world, launch parties
are a must. We had one for the last issue of the Neo –
where contributing writer Matt Meiners and I posed
for photos with a portrait of our first president.

Hope you enjoy this issue. We independents are
grappling with the best ways to exercise our developing
power and we’re having a good time doing it…

Jacqueline Salit

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