Wednesday, July 30, 2008

News from the Stratosblog: The Hankster in The Blog Bunker with Joe Salzone

The Hankster was a guest on SIRIUS Satellite Radio's Indie Talk/Blog Bunker with Joe Salzone yesterday. We created an engaged conversation about independent voters -- who are they, why they're hard to categorize, how candidates can get their attention, and why organizing at the grassroots level is so important. We had 2 calls, one from Phoenix AZ and one from Washington DC (from an independent who had been forced to register into a party in order to vote in the primary).
We also created a new word -- stratosblog -- which describes the environment in which the smaller and more independent bloggers operate.... (btw - if you google "stratosblog" you're asked if you mean stress blog. Hmmmm.... maybe!)
The Blog Bunker is on Monday through Friday from 5 - 6pm ET. Be sure to catch it!

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