Thursday, July 10, 2008

Independent leader Jim Holbert files for Kentucky 5th Congressional District

Laurel resident running for Congress

Special to the Times-Tribune
July 9, 2008

Jim Holbert, Independent candidate for the Kentucky 5th Congressional District U.S. House of Representatives seat, filed his nominating petition with the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office in Frankfort on Monday. The filing puts Holbert on the ballot in the 5th District for the Nov. 4 General Election for Congress.

Holbert’s candidacy has been on record with the Federal Election Commission since March, and he has been actively conducting a grassroots campaign in the District on a progressive, populist platform.

Holbert outlines his positions saying, “We’ve got to stop ‘politics as usual’ and start bringing common sense to our regional and national problems. We need trade and industrial policies that will bring back good middle-class jobs. We must start enforcing the existing laws which are supposed to protect Americans from such problems as illegal immigration and unsafe job conditions. And we’ve got to de-fund and defeat the forces behind terrorism through smarter oil, energy and economic policies. We won’t do it through open-ended wars. Our stated objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan have been achieved, and it’s time to bring our troops home.”

Holbert, who resides with his family in Laurel County, is a former Army and Coast Guard officer who works as an Emergency Medical Service helicopter pilot in southeast Kentucky.

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