Tuesday, July 29, 2008


  • Vote in primary (Muskogee Phoenix.com - OK) Oklahoma, at the very least, should change its voting laws to allow open primaries so that voters can choose at their polling places which party ballot they will vote each election regardless of their party affliation.
  • Organizer holds 'Miss Legislative Reform' pageant (Pittsburgh Tribune Review) The nine female and two male contestants wore formal dresses and tiaras, their sashes marked with titles such as "Miss True Redistricting" and "Miss No Lobbyists' Gifts."

  • Is Bob Barr The New Nader? (NPR audio clip)
  • An Unconventional Idea (By David Frum, American Enterprise Institute) Critique of major party conventions: The Democratic convention of 1972 was the first where a majority of the delegates were chosen in primaries--that is, by direct vote of party members.... The show [the convention] is long over. It was fatally wounded by the shift to open primaries and finished off by the imperatives of television. But even so, thousands of the most active Democrats and Republicans in America still agree to gather in one spot for public purpose every four years....

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Anonymous said...

Little insider information for you on Barr, since I travel in libertarin circles. He's completely out of money. I mean broke. He's raked in about two hundred thousand, and his campaign has bills equal to that amount. His campaign released a letter that they need an urgent and immediate cash infusion of about eighty thousand dollars, ASAP. Just to stay afloat.

This is what happens when you nominate a lifelong social conservative to be the LP presidential nominee, the cash pools suddenly dry up.