Tuesday, July 22, 2008


  • Two more initiatives qualify for Ore. ballot (Oregon Live.com) Keisling and other supporters say "open primary" would bring more independent voters into the process and cut down on excessive partisanship.
  • Two more initiatives qualify for Oregon's November ballot-One measure offers to redistribute lottery revenues, another to make a nonpartisan primary (The Oregonian)
  • "Open Primary" Plan Headed To Oregon Ballot (KOIN - Salem)

  • OBAMA HOLDS SLIM LEAD IN NH, MANY VOTERS STILL TRYING TO DECIDE (University of New Hampshire) Andrew Smith, Director of the UNH Survey Center. “Both candidates have real opportunities to sway independent voters to their sides between now and the election.”
  • Belief Growing That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama Win (Rasmussen Reports) As for unaffiliated voters, 50% see a pro-Obama bias and 21% see unbiased coverage. Just 12% of those not affiliated with either major party believe the reporters are trying to help McCain.
  • McCain, Obama to Appear at Evangelical Non-Debate (Washington Independent) almost all McCain's town hall meetings take place in swing states, with high percentages of independent voters.
  • Poll: McCain Trounces Obama Among White Evangelicals (Washington Post/The Trail)
  • Republicans and Religious Voters (American Spectator) I have an alternative hypothesis: many religiously unaffiliated voters are willing to set aside or overlook appeals to religion when they find the policies advocated are congenial. What matters to them is the earthly substance, not what they regard as the heavenly rhetoric.
  • A Battle Of Leadership Definitions (Oxford University Press blog) Rightly or not, the media, the world, and liberals are hungry for a message that they have not heard from White House in a while. What remains to be seen is whether independent voters will take to the message... Let the voters decide.

Pollina will run as an Independent candidate (Vermont Public Radio) Gov candidate switches from Progressive Party to Independent to appeal to more voters

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