Wednesday, July 09, 2008


  • Book Review: Party of One: Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Rise of the Independent Voter (Joe Gandleman, The Moderate Voice)
  • "Not a Dime's Worth of Difference?" ( "Middle of the Road" independent contenders like John Anderson in 1980 and Ross Perot in ’92 and ’96 made no attempt to push the parties to the left or the right, but rather schemed to attract the incurably undecided, confused and independent voters who waffle and dither, somewhere between donkey and elephant.

REFORM: Open Primaries, Oregon One Ballot, Washington "Top Two" Primary
  • Get Ready For Another Round Of Ballot Measures (OPB News) Phil Keisling: "For the first time in more than a century, Oregonians will get a chance to ask a very fundamental question -- 'Who should control our elections systems?' Citizens and voters, or private organizations known as political parties."
  • Political parties say top-two primary may not count (Seattle Times/Postman on Politics) Attorneys for the state Democratic and Republican parties say the upcoming top-two primary violates a federal court order, and could jeopardize the results of both this year’s primary and general elections.
  • Washington Republican Party Also Asks State Not to Hold “Top-Two” Primary This Year (Ballot Access News)

The same river twice-Though poised for gains in the House, Dems likely won't see 2006 repeat (MSNBC-Charlie Cook)

  • Is Congress doing a good job? (USA Today) Harshest marks from independents - 3% approval rating
  • Congressional Approval Falls to Single Digits for First Time Ever (Rasmussen Reports) Voters not affiliated with either party are the most critical of Congressional performance. Just 3% of those voters give Congress positive ratings, down from 6% last month. Sixty-three percent (63%) believe Congress is doing a poor job, up from 57% last month.
  • Building Mo-bama! Democrat Leads McCain in Electoral College Tally (Zogby International) Bob Barr gets 43% of libertarians and 11% of independents. On the left, Ralph Nader gets less than 2% nationally. Independents break 39% for Obama, compared with 31% who support McCain.

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