Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Kenric Ward: More voters declare their independence (TCPalm -Treasure Coast/Palm Beach FL) According to the latest figures from the state Division of Elections, a smaller percentage of Floridians call themselves Democrats than they did eight years ago (44.3 percent in 2000; 40.7 percent in 2008). So where are the voters going? Independent parties and non-partisan affiliation.

WA: New primary election rules make voting better (Tri-City Herald) The change should come as a relief to the many independent voters who cringed every time they were forced to use the "pick-a-party" format.
LA: Competition for Congress is intense (Houma Today The Courier - LA) Return of party primaries
OR: It’s a communist plot (LETTER Albany Democrat Herald - OR) Phil Keisling and open primaries: trying to have communistic doctrine made state law.
SC: Aiken to vote on nonpartisan races (South Carolina Bureau, Augusta Chronicle) Mr. LeDuc said Aiken is one of only six cities in the state that still hold partisan elections.

NOTE: Both the venerable New York Times and the somewhat less than venerable New York Sun gave space yesterday to a New York City Independence Party Board of Elections filing for State Committee by Bernie Goetz (remember the guy who shot 4 unarmed black youth on a subway back in the '80s?). Goetz filed 2 signatures in an attempt to get on the ballot to run against long-time independent leader Fred Newman, the primary tactician of the independent movement here in New York and nationally. (Goetz won't make the ballot -- you need 117 to get on....) Read here:

Bernard Goetz Vying for Independence Committee Seat (Special to the NY Sun) * Goetz Enters Independence Party Race (By Jonathan P. Hicks, NY Times/City Room)

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