Friday, July 11, 2008


  • The independent voter is partisan (Gary Andres, Washington Times) Gary Andres says independents don't exist...

  • Primary Blues (Ada Evening News - OK) Independent voters should not be barred from primary elections simply because they choose not to be classified as Republican or Democrat.

  • Millions of African Americans Will Be Disenfranchised on Election Day ( Virginia, for instance, is one of two states (Kentucky being the other) that does not allow ex-felons to vote under any circumstances.

  • Why ‘base’ and ‘independent’ campaign strategies converge (Christian Science Monitor/Patchwork Nation) This guy also says independent voters don't exist!

  • Most unaffiliated voters didn't change in primary (KSL-SALT LAKE CITY)

  • Majority of unaffiliated didn't vote in primary (Deseret News) Independents are steamed about accusations of being lazy! (Read the comments!)

  • The Catholic Voter (NJ Politicker) Pew study of 1,007 Catholic votes found 41 percent unaffiliated with either the Democrat Party or the Republican Party, with 38 percent being Democrats and 21 percent Republican.

If independent voters don't exist, why do they keep talking about us? Well, actually they talk about us like we're not there..... TGIIF (Thank God It's Independent Friday!)

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