Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Watchblog writers shift to PoliWatch

Poliwatch Indies: A message from David Remer

Dear former WatchBlog visitor,

Some of the writers from WatchBlog have set up a similar web site called PoliWatch. Unlike WatchBlog which is currently down, and has not seen a software upgrade or single additional feature added in years, PoliWatch has pulled out all the stops in purchasing licensing and hosting to provide the latest in blogging technology, software, and services for writers and visitors, alike.

We are adding one or more new features every week. We intend, over the next several months, to achieve a true social networking web site, centered around the liberals, independents, and conservatives 3 column format.

We hope you will check PoliWatch out, and become a participant in our comments or even perhaps, as a featured writer at some point in the future. We want your ideas, your feedback, your involvement, and participation.

PoliWatch's focus and purpose is to bring citizens who want better government together to discuss that way forward.

Hope to chat with you at PoliWatch.

Thank you, David R. Remer
Manager, PoliWatch

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